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CORE Google Group
For e-mail communications to CORE Members from the Board of Directors
— to alert members to issues, events, educational resources relevant to our membership
— to mobilize our membership for actions relating to the protection of our environment

When CORE was first organized, we set up the CORE Google Group as a way to communicate with and mobilize you in our fight to stop the permitting process for a coal-fired power plant in Savoy.

After the power plant became a non issue, the board decided to continue CORE's mission of educating residents of the Texoma area.  Because the cost of postage for snail mail is prohibitive, we have continued to use the Google group as our primary means of communication with you.

The Google group was never intended to be used for group discussion.  In fact, some members requested to have their names removed from the Google list when other members began flooding their inbox and/or discussing somewhat controversial issues.  Because the board of directors would like to honor the preference of some members to receive only board communications and, at the same time, to recognize the benefit of having a forum environment for our members, we have now set up a CORE Forum at for just that purpose.
We have three forms of communication:
  1)   the CORE Google Group for communications to members from the Board
  2)   the CORE_Forums group at Yahoo! for discussions among CORE member
  3)  for communications from members to the Board
Yahoo!  CORE_Forums
For conversations among CORE members
— to discuss environmentally relevant topics with other members
— to announce events that a member believes will be of interest to other members
— to share links to environmentally relevant web sites

Instructions / guidelines for participating in the Yahoo!
Forums Members will not automatically be added to this group.  Any member wishing to participate will need to contact our webmasters at to be ‘invited' to the group.  Once a member, you can post to the group at

            Guidelines in a nutshell: 
       •  If you are initiating a topic, please give a
             very specific title in the subject line of your e-mail.
       •  Be respectful      •  Be non-partisan      •  Do not solicit/advertise

                      Detailed guidelines