Our History
CORE organized in November 2006 in response to the coal-fired power plant that TXU was requesting to build at Savoy, Texas.  Nathan Melson of Sloans Creek Farm in Dodd City and Scott Lipsett of Wildscape Acres in Ravenna had discussed starting a grassroots organization to address issues affecting the resources and environment in our area, so when the coal plant issue surfaced, Scott decided the time was right.  The ‘fast tracking’ of the permitting process was a particular concern.  On Nov. 2nd he called an open meeting at his home to see if there was enough interest to proceed. Without hesitation, all those who attended voted to form CORE, named officers, and set the date for their next meeting.

By way of public meetings and forums paneled with credible and knowledgeable speakers, CORE began its mission to educate the public with facts about the likely negative impact of a coal-fired plant in our area and with information on how to have a voice in the permitting process.

By word of mouth, membership grew rapidly and spread throughout Fannin and Grayson Counties.

Lobbying and resistance continued until a judge declared the fast track unconstitutional.  Then we received news of the TXU buyout which included taking the Savoy plant out of their plans.

Although stopping the Savoy coal plant is no longer its focus, CORE has recognized its value to the Texoma area and will continue to provide a means for citizens to learn about local environmental issues — in addition to basic environmental education on wider issues such as global warming, fracking, and the Keystone XL Pipeline  (which is being built by TransCanada to transport Canadian Tar Sands south to the Gulf).