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Hydraulic Fracturing aka "Fracking"

If you made it to CORE's screening of the film "Gasland" in November 2011, you know that fracking poses dangers to the environment and to our drinking water.  There are currently over 20 permitted gas wells in Grayson County (with at least five inside Sherman city limits) which are most likely using fracking.  Because of the regulatory framework currently in place, gas and oil drilling companies who are doing hydraulic fracturing do not have to disclose that fact.  It is impossible to know for certain by looking at the permits whether a well is being fracked or not.  However, according to a source at the Railroad Commission (Texas' regulatory agency for gas and oil drilling), wells that are permitted as 'horizontal' or 'directional' wells are most likely being fracked.

Despite industry denials, there is more and more evidence of ground and drinking water contamination from fracking.  Also of concern is the amount of water used in the fracking process.  A gas well that is being fracked on average uses 5 - 7 million gallons of water during the process. That water (almost exclusively fresh water) is permanently polluted with fracking chemicals and cannot be used again.

What can concerned citizens do about fracking?

Many municipalities and states around the country have banned fracking within their jurisdictions.  CORE is exploring the possibility of working toward a fracking ban in Sherman.  There are many obstacles to citizens asserting their rights to clean air and water by banning fracking.  Several cities have been sued by gas drilling companies arguing that those cities do not have the power to circumvent laws at the state and national level which allow gas and oil exploration and drilling with little to no regulatory oversight. 

Here is a 'how-to' guide to get fracking banned in municipalities produced by Food and Water Watch. It is a good resource with lots of information about steps citizens can take to ban fracking. 
"Why Not Frack" -- article by Bill McKibben

"The Sky is Pink" -- very good 18-min video
  by Josh Fox (a follow-up to his "Gasland" film)