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Michael Pollan key-note address
Georgia Organics Conference
March 2009  (1-hr long)  — Well worth your time!

Pollan addressed the audience — after they enjoyed a feast made from local food — about his thoughts on the "state of the movement".

Follow the link there to Julie Stewart's visual representation of Pollan's speech. (Stewart, whose company is named Making Ideas Visible, captured an outline of Pollan's key messages.)

His talk can also be watched in segments at the Mother Nature Network website.  The full transcript is available there also.

Why grass-fed meats?  See a snippet from "Locavore" about that here.
The Winds of Change - Joel Salatin on Food Safety Legislation  The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund gets Joel Salatin's take on upcoming government regulation. This short video will explain some of the major problems with new regulations that the government is trying to pass.   (YouTube video)
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