Kickoff for the Good Food Project was a showing of the dynamic film "A Place at the Table" that focused on hunger in the United States. The event, held in March 2014, was co-sponsored by Red River Regional Hospital and CORE, with help from other local agencies and organizations.  After the film, we spent a few minutes discussing hunger in Fannin County, then scheduled a follow-up meeting for those interested in looking further into how we are currently addressing this issue and to consider what more is needed.

A coalition of local organizations, agencies and concerned citizens emerged from the follow-up meeting, held in April.  We would like to broaden this coalition, and so invite anyone who is interested to join us in this challenge. 

We are in the midst of a process to determine our direction.  Our first planning session was on May 8, 2014 (photos below), resulting in the following Practical Vision.  The next step was to look at anything in the existing environment that could stand in the way of realizing this vision.  We then developed strategic directions for overcoming those blocks.  

In the next step of our planning workshop we’ll solidify the 'strategic directions' (that we named in July's workshop) into the distinct ACTION STEPS we’ll need to take in order to move forward in these strategic directions. After that, we’ll need people to step up and put those action steps onto a timeline — and we’ll have a Good Food Project Action Plan to start us down the road toward ending hunger in Fannin County.
Photovoice Project
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Anonymous volunteers took pictures of their daily life to record why they feel they are food insecure.
The Good Food Project wants you to know
why people are hungry in Fannin County
By Mandy Curtis
Jun 13, 2014

Bonham, Texas – This Friday, June 13, 2014, the Creative Arts Center will once again be filled with snapshots of imagination, technical tricks, and other delights on display, courtesy of the Red River Photography Club’s annual show.

But beyond the beauty in the main gallery, the library will be stacked with the raw reality of local residents who want the world to know what their life is like day-to-day:  insecure and full of hard choices, they often cannot get enough to eat.

This special show is brought to Fannin County through the Good Food Project, a local coalition of community volunteers who know that the estimated 19% of food insecure people in this area need more help. Their mission is to create a culture of solutions that ensures every resident eats a good nutritious meal every day.

The Good Food Project’s member base comes from faith based organizations, food pantries, government employees, nonprofit advocates, legislative leaders, and private citizens who want to make a difference. In most cases, their daily work puts the Good Food Project in contact with people in Fannin County who are caught paycheck to paycheck, relying on the strength and kindness of their community in order to survive.

“If a gallon of milk costs $6, for someone who makes minimum wage, they have to work an entire hour for that milk, once you adjust for taxes,” says Tere Curtis of the Good Food Project.

It’s not just prices of food that cause food insecurity, as the Good Food Project recently discovered. They used Photovoice, a simple community based research tool to find out local barriers to getting enough to eat.

Anonymous volunteers took pictures of their daily life to record why they feel they are food insecure.

Images fell into neat themes, even though the participants are diverse. Some, like gas prices, were expected, but others brought the reality of the choices people make closer to home. The theme of self sacrifice shone in almost all of the participants’ work: for babies, for medicine, for pets.

“I want this to be a success,” says one participant. “I want this to make a difference.”

So does the Good Food Project for Fannin County.
Photovoice Project
(photos below)
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