Thank You !!

The Bonham Community Garden wants, again, to thank the City of Bonham for providing both space and water in Catron Park (at East 2nd Street and Elm) for the garden.  And, thank you to the Volunteers who spent Saturday morning, July 26, getting the garden space ready for fall gardens by building eight raised-bed plots!  This possible through donations of wood (Thanks to Scott Lipsett!) and screws (Thanks to Fix & Feed!).  After the bed frames were built, volunteers lined them with old newspapers (Thanks to the FC Leader!) then topped that with compost (Thanks fo Micki Wright!).  The soil is now delivered (Thanks to Clements & Sons!) so the beds will soon be ready for gardeners to plant their fall gardens.

Volunteers also worked on the community garden sign, which has not weathered well, prepping it to be refurbished.
Free garden plots are available to individuals, families, organization --- whoever needs space to plant a garden.   If you're interested, e-mail us at or call (903) 227-0898.
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Fall Planting Guidelines