Mission Statement
Our purpose is . . .
  •  to provide resources that facilitate transition toward sustainable living,
  •  to incubate ideas for local sustainability projects and services, and
  •  to raise awareness of key environmental issues that affect the Texoma region
          of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.
We care about . . .
       the health of all our citizens
       the health of all our soil, air and water
       the health and beauty of all our plant and animal wildlife 
       the health of our economy — affected by all the above
Texoma has many assets that draw visitors and new residents to our area — clean air, beauty, agriculture, birds, fishing and hunting, open spaces, and our rural lifestyle.   Lake Texoma, Bonham State Park, the Caddo Grasslands, and Lake Fannin are among the places we all enjoy.  We want to preserve all these assets for ourselves and for future generations.  If any of them is threatened, you can expect CORE to be finding  the facts and educating citizens about the problem.

CORE has no paid staff, only member volunteers.

Although this site is maintained by volunteer labor,
there is a cost ($25/mo) for keeping it on the web.
We are dependent on your contributions
to fund the work of CORE.
  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2006.
Notices of Sand Mining Task Force Meetings are now being posted on the CORE Facebook page.

Task Force Objectives:

■  Assure timely reclamation of land affected by sand mining. 
■  Assure that air and water is not contaminated by mining interests moving into northwest Fannin County. 
■  Assure that roads are repaired and that all applicable regulations and traffic laws are enforced.

Working Committees:   Research / Community Awareness / Legislation / Enforcement

For more info on the Sand Mining issue,
see our "Sand Mining" Page